Gamez AION 5.3 Private Server

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    Website -

    Details and features

    • Aion Full version 5.3 support with frequent updates
    • 7 Year Long Term Dedicated Server with hundreds of players
    • Many Custom Unique PvP Battlegrounds as follows:

    • Team vs Team (2v2) (3v3) (4v4) (5v5) (6v6)
    • Solo 1v1 Events
    • Race vs Race
    • Mixed Fights
    • Protect Guardian
    • Mount Race Events
    • God vs God
    • Weekend exclusive 12v12 PvPvE event
    • And So much more

    • Free PvP Starter Gear with high rates for instant action
    • All Day Open-World PvP
    • Custom GM and Forum Community Events with great Rewards
    • All Working Retail Features
    • Excellent Support and Friendly Staff
    • Functional Geo data
    • x64 Client Support
    • Vote Reward System

    Exp rates

    Drop rates

    Abyss and Glory Point Rates

    24/7 Dedicated Server with no lags, crashes and 99% up time
    We're open to any suggestions to improve game experience and work with players to provide constant quality updates.

    Join us today !

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