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News Gap between actual and advertised broadband speed widens

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Lizard, 27 Jul 2011.

  1. KayinBlack

    KayinBlack Unrepentant Savage

    2 Jul 2004
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    Pah, I have a 10GB/mo limit, and going over can easily cost triple digits. Two miles outside of the city limits.
  2. MSHunter

    MSHunter Minimodder

    24 Apr 2009
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    Dont wait call them and get it sorted. There are a bunch of setting that can improve your speed. I had a problem when moving where I went from a 50 mb line to a 100 mb and was getting less Bandwidth then before. Called them got sent to the techies and after some diver updates to my LAN chip and router setting im always over 70 mb.
  3. tyepye

    tyepye Minimodder

    20 Dec 2010
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    Location: Ely, Cambs
    ISP: Talk Talk
    Advertised Speed: 24mbps
    What i get: 7-8mbps

    Sucks that it's so low compared with the advertised speed, but I think it is due to being 1 mile from the exchange.
  4. impar

    impar Minimodder

    24 Nov 2006
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    Meo Fibra?

    I pay for 12Mb\1Mb and have 30Mb\3Mb, unlimited traffic.
  5. azazel1024

    azazel1024 What's a Dremel?

    3 Jun 2010
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    I used to have that issue with Comcast here in the States. I forget what my quoted speed was, but I think it was around 10Mbps down and I'd receive anything from 2-5Mbps on average from high speed servers. At best off peak I ever saw was about 8.5Mbps, I never once hit 10Mbps. That was in my old apartment. In my house we had 15Mbps service and real world speeds were never much faster than my old apartment. I think a handful of times in speed tests and high speed servers I was a hair over 10Mbps a few times.

    With Verizon FIOS (to toot their horn) I regularly get above listed speed. Its 25/10 service (I think it is 10 up, but I haven't really tested what I can get) and I regularly get almost 30Mbps down from fast servers (3.69MB/sec is the cap I see all the time from fast servers, or 29.5Mbps). It is very, very nice. Extremely low latency as well. They have 50/50 service, but I don't want to pay for it. 25/10 is way more than enough for me, thank you.

    Now if I was running a VPN to an offsite location I'd probably want it for offsite data backups, but since (for now) all of my backups are local, my LAN speed is all that matters past a certain minimum, which for me is 2MB/sec down and 1MB/sec up. More is nice of course, I just am not willing to pay more for that.
  6. SolidShot

    SolidShot Minimodder

    8 Jul 2011
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    Winchester Hampshire.

    We can get up 1mb/s

    We get 104 kbs. FML.
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