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Gaming Gears of War 2 Hands-on Preview

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 29 Sep 2008.

  1. Tim S

    Tim S OG

    8 Nov 2001
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    I've got Rich working on more articles than he's got hands for. He's typically got three test benches running at any one time... it's pretty much the same with graphics card testing these days as well.
  2. CardJoe

    CardJoe Freelance Journalist

    3 Apr 2007
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    I'm all for furthering this conversation (in a friendly way) if you want to email me via the about page. Constructive feedback is always helpful and if I am writing in a style that isn't appropriate for the audience then that's something I obviously want to correct.
  3. Solidus

    Solidus Superhuman

    26 Dec 2005
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    Listen guys, I apologise also if you think I am trying to make you guys appear in a badlight with writing that long responce, especially you Joe.

    I love this site to bits and the people behind it, I have nothing but respect for everyone at bit-tech. Sorry joe if you think I was trying to make you sound negative.

    I was just confused as to exactly what you were expecting when you started playing the game - It is more of the same but with more content, just like countless sequels have always done; The halo series is nothing amazing, just more polished, more weapons, items and modes.
    The super mario games are just the same adventures over and over with a new twist, the Zelda franchise plays similar to its predecessors etc, Metal Gear Solid has added new elements here and there with each new installment while remaining fundementally the same, Grand Theft Auto 4 is practically the same as 3 with the missions being almost identicle in some cases, chase this, kill that, get this, etc etc - You get the idea.

    What I was baffled by was what you expected when you went in to play it - Its just more of the same with bonus extra's. The duck n cover system is old news now, while in the original it was relatively new and innovotive, the graphics were marvelled at yet they dont seem to get the same reaction now and even though the player count has been upped to 10 and new modes thrown in, new finishing moves, new charectors, weapons etc - It was always going to remain the core game from the original - but just as many others have done, It simply has more of everything I presume? The question is - do these features improve upon the game? or make it worse?

    But the question that needs to be asked is: Is it better than the first? If not why not - If so why is it better?

    We can gauge it better from there instead of possibly saying that it offers nothing new which gives misconceptions. Saying "its more of the same" I feel just puts a negative spin on it because it sounds like its actually worse. Is it? Is it better? etc - expand this way, as if we said upon all sequels: Halo, Zelda, Metal Gear, that its just " more of the same with extras, it can really sound...well...boring?"

    thats just my two cents.

    People enjoyed the first one for what it was, I loved the first one and thought it was strong in many areas and if you read the responces about it in some of the threads here on bit-tech, others seem to think it was pretty good too but were simply curious if gow2 is better or worse?

    I hope you dont take offence joe, if so I apologise!
    Last edited: 29 Sep 2008
  4. mikeuk2004

    mikeuk2004 What you Looking at Fool!

    3 Sep 2004
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    Joe, thats exacly what I want. I finished Gears of War wanting more, I want to continue where I left off. I do not want a completly new game where they have messed with the looks, controls, music etc. It was great the first time round and worked, why mess with it?? Just continue the story.

    I hate sequals where they have tried to reinvent the game. Continue where you left off dam it.
  5. Gunsmith

    Gunsmith Maximum Win

    23 Sep 2005
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    ****ing fan boys

    /me flees
  6. DougEdey

    DougEdey I pwn all your storage

    5 Jul 2005
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    I agree with both these concepts, this is Gears of War 2 not a completely seperate game, nor genre, it's a progression from the first and from what it sounds like, it sounds perfect, every game has a life cycle, for me COD4 has now used up its cycle quite well (I don't play it anymore), but I have Burnout to tide me over till November, when this will be out for me to enjoy!

    And LBP before that too
  7. Bauul

    Bauul Sir Bongaminge

    7 Apr 2007
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    Actually if you read the comments after that preview a large number of people talk about "Gears 1.5" as well. I guess Joe shares their thoughts. I think this demonstrates a large devide between people's expectations regarding sequals (more of the same, or something new?), and both view points are valid, even if you don't agree with them.
  8. sjhujh

    sjhujh Member

    1 Feb 2008
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    the same all-brown colour palette that looks like something a monkey might smear on a wall (if it could manage hi-res smearing) - Its comments like this that make me read the works of Joe Martin
  9. Kurayamino

    Kurayamino As long as the Raven flies

    5 Sep 2005
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    Seriously Joe, look what you've gone and bloody well done now!
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