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News Gears of War PC certificate expires

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 30 Jan 2009.

  1. wyx087

    wyx087 Homeworld 3 is happening!!

    15 Aug 2007
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    it's the 4th time now:
    Epic Fail: UT3
    Epic Fail again: saying PC gaming is dead
    Epic Fail again x2: Gears of lag 2 (or whatever they call it)
    Epic Fail so-many-times: this
  2. Volund

    Volund Am I supposed to care?

    16 Sep 2008
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    try running them in offline mode

    stupid people at the companies tho :duh: :waah:
  3. eternum

    eternum *blam* shotgun fanhole

    14 Oct 2007
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    Well, the first time their GFWL "save" system lost my saves for GoW I was pissed (especially since I could find them myself right there in a directory, but the game was unable to see them), then when it happened the second time I was even more pissed but luckily found a workaround (seriously - still not fixed? tards....). And now this? I'm glad I finished the lackluster game months ago and removed the thing from my hard drive - never to return. Bleh - I understand computer technology is getting more complex, but shouldn't the people working with it become a little more savvy to keep pace? Or at least hire some monkey just out of college and pay them minimum wage to at least go over BASIC FRAMEWORK to make sure things keep working?

    It's like a professional race car driver who ends up killing the engine in his fancy top of the line off-the-track sports car because he never checked or changed the oil. Yeah, he knows how to drive really well, and he normally has people who handle such things on the track - but he should have enough knowledge of the basic workings to keep something so simple from screwing things up.
    /overwrought analogy

    Hey Epic and MS! Hire a goddamn intern, each of you. MS, have them f***ing call your clients when a certificate is about to expire! Epic, have yours check on routine basic crap like this so that you might know about it, oh I dunno - BEFORE it happens? maybe? Oh and have your intern bug the code-monkeys to actually bother to fix one of the most major flaws possible in a game. Right in line behind constant crashing would be losing save games. A few people might be willing to play through your samey predictable shoot 'em up several times just to be able to finally finish it, but most aren't - certainly not me. And this is from someone who replayed Doom 3. Yeah..... so... there!

    ...wow - retained a bit of bitterness there, didn't I? :p
  4. spectre456

    spectre456 New Member

    29 Dec 2007
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    i was surprised to hear that people actually still played that game on the pc. i couldn't see what the big deal was when i played it.
  5. wafflesomd

    wafflesomd New Member

    22 Oct 2005
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    It was a great game on pc despite the bugs. They did try and fix a few.

    Too bad it was a complete failure thanks to GFWL.

    I see a trend here....
  6. Xir

    Xir Well-Known Member

    26 Apr 2006
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    Did they fix it yet?

    Personally, I found the game very disappointing and deleted it after a mere hour or two of play...
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