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GeIL's New Product Press Release: EVO ONE

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Guest-16, 21 Nov 2007.

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    GeIL's New Product Press Release: EVO ONE

    GeIL is proud to announce the launch of BD (Black Dragon) EVO ONE high performance gaming memory module of the DDR2 Gaming Series.

    Like its’ predecessor, the BD EVO ONE delivers the perfect blend of performance, high capacity and stability in its’ wide range of gaming memory modules for gamer of all levels.

    Newly added feature is the superior cooling of the BD EVO ONE, which is achieved by GeILs’ latest EVO ONE Heat-sink System with MTCD Technology.

    GeIL has been actively involved in the world of eSports for years. Not only is GeIL Involved in various international, regional competitions, sponsoring of game teams, but also interacting with gamers on a deeper level in understanding the real needs of gamers when it comes to gaming memory. GeILs’ Gaming Series is exactly the result from such experience.

    The industry’s first and leading DDR2 memory module dedicated for gaming, designed to maximize the overall in-game experience with enhanced stability. The BD EVO ONE is available in both Dual Channel and Quad Channel with maximum capacity of up to 8GB per kit.

    Attached PDF has more details
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