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Graphics gfx power question

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SparkuS, 2 Nov 2005.

  1. SparkuS

    SparkuS What's a Dremel?

    27 Jul 2003
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    Having just purchased a Leadtek PX7800GT I am having some trouble with the power connectors. This current system (dimensions 5100) is using a 305W (?) psu (read from psu itself DC OUTPUT 305W) :worried: It only has 2 4 pin molex connectors, one going to the cdrom and the other spare. It also has one female 6 pin socket coming from the psu.

    The 7800 came with a 6 pin to 2x4 pin cable, so i presume it requires two 4 pins. I have had to disconnect the cdrom to give the card a crack. Is there a 6 pin cable with two male connections that will connect directly from the psu to the card? Or do I have to buy another "6 pin to 2x4 pin cable" and a 3 way molex cable to connect them all up? I would prefer to use the 6 pin socket from the psu rather than spliting the molex up several times.
    Whats my best solution?
  2. Mary Jo

    Mary Jo oh lolz

    13 Oct 2004
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    A male-male 6-pin socket would probably be best for you, although I don't really have a clue where sells these. I'm sure someone here will know.
  3. hitman012

    hitman012 Minimodder

    6 May 2005
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    I have severe doubts about the ability of that supply to power a top-end card such as the 7800GT. I would not advise plugging it in as you risk blowing up both the card and the supply.

    Replace it with something quality of at least 380W, preferably more, before trying to run the card. Such a supply should come with the relevant adapters or, most likely, have native PCI-E 6-pin power connectors.

    Also be aware that older Dell systems used non-standard pinouts on the main ATX connectors. Plugging a standard ATX supply into a proprietary Dell motherboard will quite possible toast the motherboard and supply. Since about 2001, they changed back to standard ATX, so this is unlikely to be an issue :)
  4. m4rk3d

    m4rk3d Minimodder

    15 May 2004
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    I'm with hitman on this one, my xfx 7800GT came with a sticker on it - "Requires 400w PSU minimum".

    Get yourself a decent PSU before you kill your system.

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