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GIGABYTE launches a series of workstation nd cost-effective DP server boards

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Guest-16, 28 Sep 2007.

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    GIGABYTE launches a series of products supporting Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors, workstation board based on Intel “Garlow WS” platform, and cost-effective DP server board based on Intel “Bensley-VS” platform

    GIGABYTE Technology - the industry-leading provider of IT products - announced GS-R1231-RH server bare bone, GA-3CESL-RH server board, and GA-3CCWL-RH/GA-3CCWV-RH workstation board supporting Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors.

    Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor is world’s first native quad-core x86 processor (code name “Barcelona”). Combined with benefits from native quad-core architecture, dedicated L2 cache per core, shared L3 cache, dual independent DDR2 memory controllers, and AMD’s innovative improvement for 128-bit floating point operation. With enhanced virtualization technology (nested paging, tagged TLB and Device Exclusion Vector) inside Barcelona, Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor can let you enjoy higher memory performance and seamless security while running virtualized applications.

    GIGABYTE also launched workstation board GA-5BXWL-RH based on Intel “Garlow WS” UP workstation platform and “Bearlake-X” X38 chipset providing cost-effective solution for single processor server. “Garlow” platform is optimized for UP server and supports mainstream Intel desktop processors included of upcoming 45nm quad-core “Yorkfield” and dual-core “Wolfdale”. GIGABYTE GA-5BXWL-RH is designed for single processor based platform in entry level, general purpose workstation, especially for small/middle level business user, graphic editing service, engineering 3D graphic processing, and advanced workstation user or game player.

    Last but not least, GIGABYTE GA-7VESH-RH is mainstream versatile server board solution based on Intel’s “Bensley-VS” platform featuring dual independent 1066/1333MHz frequency FSB supporting quad-core/dual-core Xeon® processors, 8 DIMM for maximum 32GB DDR2 ECC 533/667 FB-DIMM (Fully-Buffered DIMM), and I/OAT (I/O Acceleration Technology) for higher networking performance with lower processor utilization. For the future, GA-7VESH-RH is ready for upcoming new 5400 series quad-core (Harpertown)/5200 series dual-core (Wolfdale-DP) manufactured by innovative 45nm process. New 45nm processors from Intel will bring user larger cache, higher frequency, powerful functions, lower power consumption, enhanced virtualization technology (FlexMigration), and over 40% performance boost.

    For more information about Barcelona and Bearlake-X motherboard products, click the product hyperlink as below:

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