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Graphics Gigbyte GTX 460 1GB Owners Unite!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Blogins, 9 Aug 2010.

  1. Teelzebub

    Teelzebub Up yours GOD,Whats best served cold

    27 Nov 2009
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    They overclock pretty well anyway so I dont think its worth paying extra for something you could do your self.
  2. zukomonitor

    zukomonitor assumption is the mother of all....

    14 Sep 2010
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    Ive had this card since october and the first time I really pushed it was last night when I installed Crysis.

    FPS is fine and everything is maxed + 2AA @ 1440x900 resolution......

    My problem is that the card squeals from th first load up screens and menu till I actually get in the game


    I thought if the card was going to squeal, it would be during actual gameplay when card is being pushed ???

    Then I remembered the Starcraft 2 issue, no frame cap on the menu and it burning out peoples GPU. As this issue was patched with Starcraft I updated Crysis to patch 1.2 but it still does it

    Anybody with this issue ??? or some advice


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