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GMR AFSTL DFM calculation formula

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by cartago2202, 26 Aug 2011.

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    19 Apr 2011
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    Since it is often asked how will the speed of the new GMR DFM, flowmeter AFSTL interpret, here again a little explanation from me.

    GMR wrote in his description as follows:

    quote the beginning:

    "The fan pulse rate of 2000 pulses at 100 pulses / liter. At a flow of words ie 1 liter / minute, the BIOS would show a value of 2100 rpm. Accordingly, 2 L / M 2200 pulses per minute"

    End quote.

    That is so true, only rarely has one with a flow of value, ends 0th
    I have this two formula, one simple and one that even simple, but mathematically.

    Now the following calculation for, example, 2179 indicates that the UPM Board.

    Simple formula:

    The first 2000 RPM and are very vernachläsigen for us is the only important value 179.
    Since the DFM produces 100 pulses for 1 liter, it's easy, dividing the value by 2000, in our example the 179, by 100, the result is a value of 1.79 Lpm.
    Now that you Multiplieziert by number of minutes in the hour, then 60, and tata has the value of the flow in LPH, in our example 1.79 X 60 = 107.4

    Math formula:

    Personally for me is simple:

    We stay with our example value of 2179 rpm

    LPH = [(2179-2000) / 100] X 60 = 107.4

    I hope you will help again.

    Greeting Cartago 2202 :clap:

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