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Goodbye cruel world......

Discussion in 'bit-tech Folding Team' started by do_it_anyway, 14 Apr 2011.

  1. do_it_anyway

    do_it_anyway Minimodder

    24 Apr 2009
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    ....of the front page of Kakaostats.

    Its taken me a few years to get there, rattling along with my poor PPD's and various hardware failures along the way.

    Tis a sad day today. My final folding card, a GTX260 is leaving me. In its place a kind friend has sold me for generous rates an HD5870 1GB (for £100 - which I thought was kind).

    I therefore now expect my ppd to plummet to previously unseen levels of mediocracy. :wallbash:

    You may all be able to save me though :idea:
    What client is best for ATi (sorry - AMD :rolleyes: ) cards?
    and I don't currently fold on my i5 750. I couldn't get the SMP client to work properly and got such a low PPD from the standard CPU client I didn't bother.
    Anyone want to try talking me through getting some decent CPU PPD?
    (PS. This is my only PC. Its a gaming PC first, but I try to do some good for the team when Im not gaming. The PC isn't on for hours at a time, it gets switched off frequently. So clients that don't "restart" well aren't much use)

    Thanks Guys :clap:
  2. Christopher N. Lew

    Christopher N. Lew Folding in memory of my father

    23 Apr 2009
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    Latest v6.4 GPU3 client for now. Lately there has been some talk that the v7 client will have an improved option for AMD cards, but I think it's not quite there yet.

    If you want to try the SMP client, then the 6.34 client is much easier to set up than previous versions. V. 7 client promises to be even easier, but still has some bugs.
    Last edited: 14 Apr 2011

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