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Graphics Graphics problem

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by ZthDimension, 18 Jul 2012.

  1. ZthDimension

    ZthDimension Zth

    21 May 2009
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    In May last year I built a PC consisting of a i5 2500k, Asus P8P67, MSI 560ti, 8gb of ram, 600W CoolerMaster SilentPro GOLD, Windows 7 64bit and then 6 weeks or so upgraded my monitor to a U2711 and it has all been running perfectly fine.

    A couple of weeks ago I was playing "Orcs must die" and my PC began crashing back to desktop telling me "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" so checked temps and voltages everything appeared to be fine, went back into game and then it BSOD (I can't remember why now), so upgraded graphics drivers and avoided "Orcs must die". It was running fine and completed Max Payne 3 with no issues and would play BF3 which would occasionally crash back to desktop but I didn't think much about it as temps seemed to be fine.

    Yesterday, again I was in BF3 and this time it BSOD and when restarting it would get to the windows logon screen where it would BSOD again telling me "Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed". So I had to start in safe mode, uninstalling the graphics drivers and then I could log on and windows would install the standard VGA drivers. However every-time I tried to install the nvidia drivers on the reboot it always BSOD "Attempt to reset the display". Ultimately I decided that it was something on the software-side and did a fresh windows install as it needed doing anyway!

    So following the fresh-install, I went to install nvidia drivers again, on reboot it would usually load ok (though occasionally BSOD) but my resolution would be 16 bit, 640x480 and I would be unable to change it and looking in device manager the graphics card was throwing a "code 43" error. So again I would have to boot back into safe mode, uninstall the drivers, then boot normally, windows would now recognised my card as 560ti and install a more appropriate driver (not the standard VGA) but again on reboot it would return the screen to 640x480 until I disable the card in device manager and reboot again giving me a usable screen but without my card being recognised.

    So I am unsure how to proceed or how best to work out what is going on, I've checked all the connections on the PC, moved the card to the other PCI slot, updated the MB bios, reset the cmos but nothing has made a difference. Any ideas?
  2. towelie

    towelie How do I Internet!!

    1 Sep 2011
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    Sounds like you attempted all the troubleshooting steps

    Reinstalled drivers +updating BIOS, drivers
    Reinstalled OS
    Tried alternative PCIe Slot

    It is possible it could be a power supply issue, does the PSU have other PCIe connectors may be worth trying them.

    Driver sweeper is good for removing remnants of files,reg keys left behind but nothing a fresh install of your OS wouldn't have solved.I would say run FUR mark a GPU benching tool see if it survives the bench without BSOD, but without the drivers not sure that will work.

    But it sounds like a fault with the card if it does not except the drivers on a fresh install.

    Before doing so see if anyone else POST last thing you want it to send it to the manufacturer for therm to say it's fine.
  3. kol

    kol New Member

    31 May 2011
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    Could also try a diffrent pci lane, even if its only x8 itll show it might be the motherboard and not the gpu.

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