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Windows [Guild Wars 2] Sigils with Kits

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by donmy521, 30 Jul 2012.

  1. donmy521

    donmy521 New Member

    30 Jul 2012
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    Q:Just a quick question, one that I couldn't find an answer to. Does anyone know if the Sigils on our weapons provide their bonuses while using a kit? For example, if I'm using a pistol and shield with a Sigil on each and I switch to the flamethrower, am I still receiving the bonuses from my Sigils?

    Here is the build I've been toying around with for launch, PvE focused with plans on support with some damage by using the Elixir Gun and Flamethrower. The Sigils and Runes I have listed are subject to change as I'm still tweaking and there's no telling what might be altered before and after launch.

    A1:They will by launch, can't find the link but it's fairly common knowledge maybe someone else has the link saved.

    A2:A dev posted it on the official forums, saying that once they make sigils apply to kits before launch they will rebalance the engineer.[gw2 gold] I made a thread about it.

    A3:They are going to rebalance a class without a public test before launch? That doesn't sound right.

    A4:How does it not sound right? They will continue to balance it throughout after release with no public test. Its pretty much the norm with MMO's.

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