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Apple Hackintosh Build - Need suggestions for parts

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by xen0morph, 26 Feb 2009.

  1. xen0morph

    xen0morph Bargain wine connoisseur

    30 Jun 2002
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    Hi all,

    I am looking into building a Hackintosh as my current Windows machine has gone t*tsup (random freezing, I suspect the motherboard).

    I want to run a patched version of Leopard.

    I would like suggestions for the following, preferably from someone who has done this before.

    - Which board and chip should I buy? I want an Intel Core2Duo based system. Must be good enough to run Leopard smoothly. Onboard graphics would be a big bonus. I'm assuming ATi graphics would be a good choice as most current Macs seem to use this.

    My budget for both board and chip is £50-£80 all in, so I don't have a huge budget to play with.

    - Which patched version of Leopard should I run?

  2. atanum141

    atanum141 I fapped to your post!

    22 Jul 2004
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    I run a Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L with a E2160.
    The board runs the new Intel GMA graphics(Can't remember the model)
    Ive used both Kallyway and iDenab and both work bout of the "box".

    Ive used 10.5.2 but I now see that 10.5.6 is out.

    If your not sure check this out.
  3. wuyanxu

    wuyanxu still wants Homeworld 3

    15 Aug 2007
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    Gigabyte boards are your best bet really.

    i tryed to put iDenab onto my machine, but failed due to my graphics card being strange in memory size and the GPU is unknown to Apple.

    have a look at this list and pick one :)

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