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Scratch Build – In Progress HAL 2021

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by IBMer, 24 Dec 2020.

  1. IBMer

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    5 Jun 2015
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    Hi everyone :)

    I took a little break as work got in the way of my hobbies for the past month.

    Also, this is basically a new enclosure for the (now aging) parts of my main PC on which I do CAD, CNC control, not to mention a little gaming... so even after a few builds it's always a bit scary to take the last step, assemble/dissassemble everything and realise something does not fit, or that I miss a certain angle fitting. This often means wait a few days or worse... have to reassemble the current HAL... which is a pain in its own right :)

    I should really get better at CAD and design and fit all the parts in advance.

    My main concern right now is the clearance for the GPU + bent PCI-E ribbon under the motherboard tray...
    It would have helped if my GPU had a rather common waterblock like an EKWB for which measurements are rather easy to find but mine is an EVGA 1080 Hydrocopper.

    So... I disassembled everything again... initially tried to manually dremel my way out of this, but ended-up shaving an extra 2.5mm off the bottom plate where the GPU will sit with the cnc which is much cleaner... crossing fingers for this to be enough.


    I am really pleased with the extension from 3018 to 3040... I was able to work on the full depth of the plate in one go.

    More soon I hope.
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