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Graphics Hardware Acceleration on Ati HD 3850

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by zhangmaster12, 16 May 2009.

  1. zhangmaster12

    zhangmaster12 New Member

    11 Jun 2006
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    How do I enable hardware acceleration for High def videos on the the HD 3850?

    Im a complete noob at this Ati Stream/Cuda stuff, so bear with me.

    Im using Win7 RC x64, CCCP, Windows Media Player Classic
  2. GoodBytes

    GoodBytes How many wifi's does it have?

    20 Jan 2007
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    Well.. first of all...
    1- CCCP does not fully support Windows 7 (says on the page).
    2- CCCP is 32-bit codecs.

    Check out this codec pack, shark007. Like CCCP, it installs clean, removes the mess from other codec packs, no spyware/adware, no configuration needed to make everything work, and most importantly doesn't screw up with your system. Oh and it installs for Media Center and thumbnail preview.

    Unlike CCCP, it allows you to use Windows Media Player 11 and 12 64-bit versions, which is much better than the 32-bit version. It's also in 64-bit, to take advantage of your CPU.. and yes I actually do save battery life on my laptop, because the CPU usage is less than when using 32-bit codecs. Moreover, is support multiple core processors (2 and 4). Also, the best part, is that you can install BOTH 32 and 64-bit codec pack version WITHOUT any conflicts. Doing so, allows any software 32 or 64-bit to play any movies.
    Oh, and it unlocks Windows Media Player 11/12 64-bit (because the 32-bit is set as default).

    Win7 32-bit: http://shark007.net/win7codecs.html
    Win7 64-bit: http://shark007.net/x64components.html

    I have been using it since Vista 64-bit beta 2 (well the 32-bit version, as 64-bit codec was not all there), and I found to be the best codec pack by far compared to others, and keeps getting better.

    Your computer video card, if newer than 2006, should be able to play 1080p HD movies. If you can't now, than bad codec. The codec pack above plays HD movies and Blu-ray rips in m4k, perfectly fine.
  3. GK7

    GK7 New Member

    2 May 2009
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    1.) Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema from here

    2.) Open the program and under "Output" select "EVR"

    3.) Restart MPC-HC and open a HD video file.

    4.) It should playback with GPU acceleration. To check, check CPU utilisation. Also, if you go to filter properties it should say somthing along the lines of:

    "Radeon HD 3850 DXVA - Bitstream H.264"

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