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HDD dead? o_o

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by THEkorean, 1 Aug 2006.

  1. THEkorean

    THEkorean 42

    10 Jun 2005
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    sinple problem, one night one of my hardrives starts beeping, then it stops. Next morning i find out that windows wont reecognize it and the SATA controler sees it as "Maxtor SABRE" and not "Maxtor (model Number)". the moment it died, i touched it and it was BURNING HOT, BUT my 2 westerndigitals (cavaleer and Raptor) were the same temperature. I only had 1 file on the "dead" HDD and i want it, unfortunately WoW was the only file on the drive T.T, does anyone know how to retreive a file from a dead drive?
  2. dragontail

    dragontail 5bet Bluffer

    9 Jun 2005
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    Well if it's dead, I believe you can't get anything from it. Have you tried plugging it in using a different computer?
  3. hitman012

    hitman012 Minimodder

    6 May 2005
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    It sounds like the drive has suffered from firmware corruption. Unfortunately, there's probably not much that you can do to get any files from it :(.

    One option is to buy a drive of the same type and replace the logic board on the bottom of the drive with the one from the working unit. However, with modern drives, this doesn't always work - information unique to each drive (defect tables, for example) can be stored there.

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