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Heatsink Roundup

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Jamie, 24 Jan 2002.

  1. macroman

    macroman The One

    3 Sep 2001
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    I have a review on the way ;)
  2. IsaacSibson

    IsaacSibson Banned

    15 Nov 2001
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    Quoting from the article:

    It’s a Papst which is slightly quieter than the delta, rated at 33cfm compared to the 38cfm of the ever so popular delta. Which is equivalent to a 3 dB(A) drop down to 43dB(A). Doesn’t sound like much but it is noticeable.

    I am not sure if Spikee is aware of this, but either way he did not explain this properly. dB is a logrithmic measure, and due to the particular maths involved, 3dB just happens to be very close to a doubling of sound. IE, the papst at 43dB is half as loud as a delta at 46dB. Thus a 6dB drop (say a 40dB fan vs 46dB delta) means the delta is 4 times as loud. 10dB (say a Delta 80mm vs Mechatronics 80mm (49dBv39dB)) means ten times louder.

    Now you can laugh happily at anyone you hear saying "Oh, well it's only 3dB louder..."
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