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help asked

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sqaulidhummer, 13 Sep 2003.

  1. sqaulidhummer

    sqaulidhummer What's a Dremel?

    11 Sep 2003
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    i need some help.
    i want to overclock but i have a normaal cooler.
    ( pc : AMD athlon xp 2000+ ) can i overclock it , and if yes where and what do i need to do.

    thx Sqaulidhummer.
  2. Olly

    Olly What's a Dremel?

    21 Mar 2003
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    squalidhummer - There's loads of advice in various threads on this forum, just use the search facility.

    You will prob. be able to overclock a little bit with a std cooler, but if you're trying for any decent overclock, you'll need to get a better cooler (again loads of advice in ths forum about coolers).

    How far you'll be able to overclock depends a lot on your motherboard, whether or not your chip's multiplier is unlocked (FSB x chip muiltiplier= CPU speed) and whether or not your memory/GFX card/PCI cards can still work at the higher FSB.

    The easiest way to overclock is just to increase the front side bus speed in your bios. Increase this by a small amount each time (5-10 MHz) and then stress test your PC to see if it's stable.

    Good luck!

    Olly :D

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