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Help me buy a new mouse for my laptop

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Renoir, 25 Nov 2006.

  1. Renoir

    Renoir What's a Dremel?

    19 Jul 2006
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    Hi guys,

    I'm getting a bit sick of my mouse's cable getting in my way so am on the look out for a cordless one. The things I'd like it to include are as follows:

    1) Cordless as mentioned
    2) Good battery life (preferably 3 months+ with heavy use although this is somewhat negotiable)
    3) A "back" button
    4) Bluetooth, but only if the battery life is still good otherwise a small receiver (seen plenty that aren't much bigger than the usb port)
    5) Not too heavy so preferably 2 aaa's or 1 aa battery
    6) Not too concerned about price although £30 or under would be nice

    I imagine the chances of getting one that fits all the above is wishful thinking but if you guys could help me get some sort of short list I'd be most grateful :)

    P.S. It doesn't have to be a "laptop" mouse per se just as long as it fits the requirements above

    Right guys recommend away or ask if you need any more info
  2. customh

    customh conflagration.

    22 Oct 2005
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    logitech vx is good, otherwise cheaper is the Microsoft notebook mouse 6000.
  3. Callum

    Callum What's a Dremel?

    4 Apr 2006
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    The Logitech G7:
    - is cordless
    - comes with two batteries that can be changed in seconds, so one can always be recharging.
    - has a back button
    - uses Bluetooth (but the charger plugs into USB, and the reciever can plug into it, but the reciever (a tiny thing) can plug in by itself)
    - is kinda heavy I suppose, though the batteries themselves aren't
    - probably a bit more than 30 quid.
  4. mattthegamer463

    mattthegamer463 What's a Dremel?

    26 Nov 2004
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    I agree, the G7 (my mouse of choice) is extremely nice, and totally suits your situation. Only thing is that the battery only lasts 5 or so days before you need to recharge it, but its got 2 battery packs and they are easily swappable and one will charge while you use the other. If carrying around the small base isn't a problem (base is only needed for charging as said above) then its a perfect match.

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