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Rant Help Me Rant At BT!

Discussion in 'General' started by atanum141, 19 Jul 2008.

  1. atanum141

    atanum141 I fapped to your post!

    22 Jul 2004
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    Lo chaps!

    Ive been away for the week and so when i get back i expect my net connection to be in tiptop condition, it was on Thursday but its anoth story when o woke up the next morning to find my downloads were only part done and my there was no connection to the net.

    Oh good lord! what have i done, well i did nothing. I had a look at me router(o2 Wireless Box2) and nothing was wrong apart from the internet light blinking red insted of green. I gave o2(who are my ISP) a call to see if there were any outages or if i havent paid my bill(I have paid). The woman on the other end was nice enough but im not dumb enough to not notice if my firewall is messing things up and all that jazz.

    So after we went thru the basic resetting of the router she escalated the issue to the second line team. From there on the guy there set a few tests off and they came back normal but it still wouldn't sort the red light issue. So the nice chap escalated the issue with BT and told me to sit tight.

    That was yesterday, So this morning i give o2 a call again to see where we have got, i get told that they have sent the issue to BT but BT have not responded. Its taken them over 24hours for them not to respond? I say what ? and the chap on the other end could not appoligise more but it simply was not his fault. All i wanted was i wanted to know what the issue was and how long it will take to fix. is that so hard? apparently so.

    So again i call this afternoon and they have some news. BT responded to the issue and are waiting for a MAC code.........whoa what?
    Yep a MAC code, and i say how?
    The chap proceeded to tell me that someone mistakenly put me into migration to Tiscali and now they realized that they made the mistake but they require a MAC code from BT Openreach.

    I said WTF? how could they authorize a migration without my consent but not only that they did not contact me nor did they apologize for my home being without any net for 3days?
    his guy i was speaking to was saying sorry every five seconds but i knew it wasn;t his issue or fault. I just found it insulting that BT caused this issue, did not contact me took too long to get back to o2 when asked about the issue and then seems like i "maybe" get service back on monday which is too long since the MAC guys don't work on weekends?

    Seriously where does all that money we pay BT go? how can they not have dedicated team of people sorting things 24/7 or even during weekends? this is frankly a slap in the face.

    They are the source of my loss of service, so thats why i got the phone number of customer services but im unsure how to rant and try and get something from the whole issue as frankly they are the root of all the issues i have explained.

    Can anyone tell me what i should do or who i should directly speak too?

    Any help would be great guys!


    Oh BTW im surfing on a uber shittty Openreach/FON connection that i'd had to PAY for a days worth of use.
  2. DougEdey

    DougEdey I pwn all your storage

    5 Jul 2005
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    Write an email to their customer support explaining everything in minor detail and how frustrated it's made you. Then if they say it's BTs fault, suggest they get compensation off them and pass it on to you. If they say they can't say "********", they are a customer of BT, you cannot complain to BT direct because O2 have the wholesale. I also suggest you complain to Tiscali for allowing the authorisation.
  3. RinSewand

    RinSewand What's a Dremel?

    11 Sep 2006
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    You're lucky in my opinion! We've had an ADSL 2 BT connection for 6 months that runs and connects at 126kb. Had 14 phonecalls + associated followups and its still not fixed. Though that does suck, and being without a net connection is awful when you need it. From reading the T+Cs you should be able to claim a refund for the days you were without service....

  4. Andersen

    Andersen Brain for hire

    25 Nov 2002
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    Hehe ISPs can mix up thing beyond belief.

    I changed mine a while back. Agreed with the soon-to-be ex-ISP that the can yank the wires on june 16th and new one gets to throw their copper in the same day. Well, old ISP cuts me off june 2nd and new ISP cant get their line up until june 24th, earliest estimate. Local phone company loves making up imaginary delays. Their connections are setup with two working days but others have to wait a month. If they get lucky that is.

    Also the old ISP wants me to pay for a full month even though they cut off the line about 34 hours into june. Going to court for ~40 euros = fun.

    [Edit]If you happen to live in finland, avoid Elisa and Ainacom. They are the idiots in my case. Nebula has worked perfectly since the line went up.[/Edit]

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