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Holiday in NYC/Boston =D

Discussion in 'General' started by dragontail, 5 Jul 2007.

  1. dragontail

    dragontail 5bet Bluffer

    9 Jun 2005
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    I'm probably heading out to NYC/Boston for holiday in a couple of weeks :lol:. I'm not sure what the weather is going to be like - browsing the interwebs seems to gather temps between 26-39*C (79-102*F) at this time, which seems like a pretty wide range. If any of you guys living out there (or been before) could give me a few pointers, that would be great - is it so warm that air con is a must 24/7, will I 'survive' with t-shirt/jeans, etc? Also, anywhere cool to see? (going to head up to the main tourist places without doubt).
  2. cderalow

    cderalow bondage master!

    23 Jan 2002
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    Bring your shorts & t-shirts, you will be hot in jeans (unless you're from one of those desert countries)

    Boston: hit up the historic places, and meander around

    New York: china town, little italy, financial district, waterfront...

    Neither city is really as touristy as people make it out to be (well at least not to those of us who used to be in and out of them constantly)

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