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Other Home Automation/streaming.

Discussion in 'General' started by xxxsonic1971, 22 Jan 2018.

  1. xxxsonic1971

    xxxsonic1971 W.O.T xxxsonic1971

    5 Dec 2010
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    Im quite interested in buying a google home or amazon echo to connect to my hifi and other bluetooth speakers and possibly to the tv, and maybe run the lights and heating. Ive seen a few reviews but both seem to have a few downsides.
    It would be great if anyone using the google or the amazon or similar, could tell of their experience with them. Just need some input on the best system for my needs.
  2. Stotherd-001

    Stotherd-001 Member

    15 Apr 2009
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    Google home is great for my needs, but none of their devices have an output to connect to other devices. There might be third party ones that do but none of my Home, Home Minis, and Sony Speaker with a google assistant built in do. You would need to connect a google chromecast audio for that kind of thing and not everything will play through that.

    Otherwise, it understands my accent well (though the my accent is a bit closer to an American accent than most from NI), and is well used controlling lights, heating, and playing stuff from netflix via chromecast.
  3. Mister_Tad

    Mister_Tad Will work for nuts Super Moderator

    27 Dec 2002
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    No beef with Amazon Echo here, and it now scales much better than it did at the outset due to the addition of groups/rooms and some tweaks to allow more natural speech. I'm using 7x dots throughout the house to control wemo switches, hue lights, harmony activities and Sonos. The addition of groups a few months ago was a big deal, so now the dot understands that when you don't specify what room you want to do something with, you're talking about the room you're currently in.

    I use the Sonos integration for streaming, but there's a 3.5mm and bluetooth on the dots to connect to another source. The catch with the 3.5mm though is that the internal speaker is entirely disabled when something is plugged in, so voice feedback needs to go through the hifi as well (or at least this was true at a time, worth checking if it's still the case at any rate)
  4. Sentinel-R1

    Sentinel-R1 Chaircrew

    13 Oct 2010
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    I went down the Google Home route too. No issues here either. I have bulbs, sockets and chromecast all voice controlled. Lighting and sockets integrated into groups but can still be controlled individually too. Also, whichever one you plumb for, grab IFTTT from the App Store/Google Play and customise your own commands with whatever outcome you want. I use it to switch all the lights off when my phone leaves my wifi network and turn them on again when I'm home. The customisation with IFTTT is vast.

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