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Build Advice Home server/network builds

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by meandmymouth, 3 Apr 2021.

  1. meandmymouth

    meandmymouth Modder

    15 Sep 2009
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    I sort of had a plan for my home set up but then I bought a couple parts and I'm now rethinking things so looking for some advice and other opinions.

    I want to run the following services:
    • media server (currently plex - available externally)
    • music server (currently plex with plex pass - available externally)
    • nextcloud (available externally)
    • home assistant (available externally)
    • couple websites
    • vpn server
    • minecraft server
    • tvheadend (pi4)
    • pi-hole (pi4)
    The other requirement is for a homelab for learning and testing.

    Here's the full list of hardware I currently have (don't judge, there will be a clearout soon)
    • Synology DS416play, 4x6TB Ironwolf (plan to upgrade memory to 4GB)
    • Aorus B450M, 2700, 64GB (previous homelab set up)
    • Asrock E3C224D2I, 4-core Xeon, 16GB ECC
    • Aorus B450 ITX, 3200GB, 16GB, 480GB nvme (attempted living room PC but no decent GPU available)
    • H81 thin-itx, i3 (I think), 8GB, 120GB mSATA SSD
    • 3 x 500GB WD Blue SSDs
    • 2 x 1TB WD Blue SSDs
    • 7 x 4TB WD Red (all CMR)
    • 2 x 4TB WD Blue
    • 3 x 1TB spinners
    • Inwin MS04 4bay nas case with flex psu (currently housing asrock bundle, 4 x 4TB reds and an SSD)
    • Antec VSK2000U3 with TFX PSU (300W I think) and 4x2.5" bay converter in the single 5.25" bay
    • Fractal Arc mini R2
    • Fractal Node 804 (new, can be returned)
    • 650W 80+ Gold PSU
    • 450W 80+ Bronze PSU
    • loads of R-Pi's
    • 2 x 8TB external drives
    My main rig is a B450 Strix, 2700, 64GB, GTX 1080, Phanteks ITX case, 850W PSU, 2x500GB nvme, 2x1TB SSD, 3TB spinner
    I bought a B550 ITX board (B550I Pro AX) for cheap the other day and thought about putting that in my main rig but I'd need a new CPU I think (3xxx or 5xxx - very nearly got a 3900X recently but I need to sell some bits first).

    Bit more info - router is in the living room and I use powerline to get wired networking to the loft room. Thinking about getting a 2nd asus router to use aiMesh instead as I barely get 100Mbps through powerline and my broad band is now faster than that. Previous plan was to have a 'prod' server in the living room (hidden) connected to a UPS (already in place) with a switch and various smart home things and media connected to (hive, eufy, Shield TV, Xbox, TV, R-Pi 4).

    As you can see I have more than enough for my needs and wants, but what's the best configuration? My original plan was to use the asrock bundle in the Inwin case with 4x4TB drives and have this as my 'prod' server with all the externally accessible services on. The R-Pi 4 manages tvheaded and pi-hole dns. These would site in the living room with the router and a switch and all be connected to the UPS. Getting the Node 804 made me retihink this as I'd be able to add the other 4TB drives, however it would not fit in the allocated space in the living room.

    It's all a bit of a mess and vague but is there anything I could/should do different or is there anything stupidly obvious that I'm missing? Should I just sell most of it and simplify it all?
  2. sandys

    sandys Multimodder

    26 Mar 2006
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    I'm doing the same though running all through one box, also using a Node 804. I also had to ditch powerline for Wifi as I wasn't getting the bandwidth where I needed it, worked well for me but I am looking to move my phone line to my office for a direct connection ultimately, phone line travels around the outside of the house and I could drop it into my office and make that the source of all internets.

    You have all the gear :D should be no issue setting up anything

    Your old CPU should work in the 550 so just swap it out and use it until you source the CPU you want.

    As to how best set up so much choice hard to know what's best, you could probably go full datacentre, virtualize everything using Proxmox and creating a cluster of machines with all your hardware, but you could also just build every thing you want on the 64gb homelab the same way.
  3. meandmymouth

    meandmymouth Modder

    15 Sep 2009
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    I have more than enough, so there will be a small clearout once I decide what is the best config.
    As for the B550 I'll give it a try with the 2700.
  4. nimbu

    nimbu Modder

    28 Nov 2002
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    I went for the simplified route (and also have a huge collection of stuff to clear out).

    I have a ds920+ with 4 X 12tb and upgraded to mem to 12gb. This runs all my main services with the exception of home assistant which runs off it's own NUC.

    My endpoints are either a firetv cube or a Nvidia shield.

    The plan is to get my old ds1815+ up and that will act as a backup point for for DS920+.
    I used to run powerline from the front room to the spare room where my servers are located but have slowly done some cat 6 run as we have been refurbing the house.

    Random question what is the purpose of your UPS? It sounds like you want lots of things to keep running in the event of power failure which imho might be tough or pointless. I would aim so that there is enough power to gracefully shutdown my NAS, maybe my HA box too.

    If I were in your position I would

    1) Get a cable run from the front room to the loft, that immediately opens up options for you as you are no longer space constrained

    2) decide what services you want to run in total, do they require their own hardware or can the be combined into one.

    3) assuming the latter, what platform do you want to run? Proxmox / unraid / omv / truenas etc

    Again I went off the shelf in the end as I lost the urge to fiddle and I had two disks fail on the DS1815+ while I was learning unraid which forced me to make an immediate decision.

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