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Steam How do Black Ops servers work?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by AndyGoldie, 9 Nov 2010.

  1. AndyGoldie

    AndyGoldie 60Hz for Streets, 144Hz for Sheets

    23 Dec 2009
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    As title.

    I've had CoD4 forever and the server system in that game is brilliant. Mods are actually influenced.

    We all know MW2 on the PC was a huge huge huge failure, and I'm glad I never bought it, plus I had no want to either seeing how it was hugely better on the Xbox.

    Anyway, I'm not getting Black Ops on the Xbox just because to me it looks and feels (yes i have played it at a friends house, xbox) just the same as MW2 and WaW. I may get it though if it is really any good on the PC. Put it this way: I'll buy it if it has dedicated servers, and from what you guys say, its fun online. Also if anyone knows if it has mod support or WILL have mod support in due time please let me know.

    I have no other way of finding out these things as literally ALL my friends are console gamers.
  2. hirezo

    hirezo Minimodder

    27 Jul 2009
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    1. mmm, it may be mod friendly in the future.
    2. its fun online, it just needs a few patches to play "perfectly"
    3. it has dedicated servers.
  3. [PUNK] crompers

    [PUNK] crompers Dremedial

    20 May 2008
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    Treyarch have said there will be mod tools, and that they'll hopefully be released as soon as they've patched the game and everything is running well. Whether this will happen or not is a matter of opinion tbh.

    The game does need a few patches but treyarch are being pretty quick with them and its very playable as it is (for me anyway).

    different kettle of fish from MW2, i'd give it a go.

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