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Other How many sites do you participate in?

Discussion in 'General' started by PFCBroid, 18 Oct 2011.

  1. PFCBroid

    PFCBroid What's a Dremel?

    18 Oct 2011
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    Hello all, first post here on bit-tech. Aiming to be a model tech-junky among all my friends who probably haven't even heard of the "cloud" and "fapping".

    For my first post i was wondering: what sites do you use? I think this would be a good start to turn people onto better ways of getting news and tech help.

    Figure i'll start. Note: I am new to most of these sites and have chosen them because they seem, at first glance, to have the most to offer.

    -For all things tech- I've begun using bit-tech and also linger on Ars Technica.
    -For tablet news and info- I have used Android tablets dot net
    -For my purely android fix- I use Android Authority for news and have a profile with EverythingAndroid dot com.
    -For my news in the pc world- I use... PCworld. But have found i enjoy the magazines I have found on this subject.
    -For my phone- yes, I have found (and use) a website for something as specific as my individual droid phone. And that would be, Incredible2forum dot com
    -For my inner gamer- only GameStop gets my attention. I also have a subscription and profile with Gameinformer. I own a Playstation 3, so naturally i have the PSN site bookmarked. Right under that you will see Xbox dot com, from my 360 days (before i entered the corp, over 6 months ago). I also stop by the individual wikia's for each individual game I own.
    -For blogging- I am currently searching for a blogging site, a few of which haven't gained my undying obedience.

    I believe that is all of the relevant ones, I could list others, but i believe that is enough to get the ball rolling.


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