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How much do you need to spend to beat an H100/i?

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by gcwebbyuk, 29 Aug 2013.

  1. gcwebbyuk

    gcwebbyuk Dib Dabbler

    16 Feb 2010
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    I currently have an h100 with 2 Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition fans. With my 2600k overclocked to 4.7GHz using the auto voltage in the BIOS - my Prime95 temps get to around the mid 85s (that's with an ambient of about 26c).

    I am tempted to build a custom loop to cool the cpu and also my 2 GTX670s, although I would start off with just the cpu and add the gpus later.

    What sort of level of kit do you need to out-perform the h100 enough to make a difference?

    In my last rig, I cooled an AMD 965BE, motherboard and gpu using a Zalman Reserator with additional radiators. That was then replaced with an EK DCP2.2, and couple of XSPC radiators.

    That was a fair amount of money to spend on cooling, but I enjoyed building it all, so it was worth it. It also managed to reach my goal of near silent cooling which I just couldn't match with air (although a Coolermaster V10 came close...).

    So my question is fairly basic, how good a pump, res, rads and blocks are needed to get a decent improvement over the pretty good H100?

    Do I need to go for a DDC, a dual DDC, a D5 or a dual D5 to make enough temp gains to be worthwhile? :confused:
  2. Concept73

    Concept73 Wannabe modder.

    30 Aug 2013
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    to be fair, for cooling/money, the h100 wins hands down in my opinion, if you want to do your graphics cards and for it all to look nice, then i would go full loop, i had a H100 and now im on a full loop,

    if your concerned with temps, stick with the h100, if you want something with a little bit better temps, and looks nice, go with the custom loop :)

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