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Portable HSDPA modem in an SD card

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Jordan Wise, 15 Sep 2008.

  1. Jordan Wise

    Jordan Wise Baby called to see the boss...

    24 Jul 2007
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    Is it possible? I've just bought an Eee Pc 1000H and the only addition I might need in the next year or two is a HSDPA modem, I know you can get USB dongles that have it but I thought it would be a far more elegant solution if the modem could go in the SD slot. Some people have modded them onto the motherboard of the Eee, but that looks pretty hard to do and I can't do anything with a soldering iron.
    So, does anyone know if a product like this is for sale? I've hit google but all its sending me to is laptop+dongle deals
  2. Silver51

    Silver51 I cast flare!

    24 Jul 2006
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    Try adding SDIO to your search.

    I've seen SDIO wireless (802.11b) and SDIO 56k modems before, but not come across one for HSDPA. From experience though, the SD port on your laptop/PDA must support SDIO devices if it's to work, (which my PDA never did.)
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