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Modding I Have An HP NetServer LH Pro Case

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Confusitron, 14 Aug 2004.

  1. Confusitron

    Confusitron New Member

    22 Dec 2002
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    I suppose this is sort of a modding/sale question...

    Just yesterday I picked up the case to an old HP NetServer LH Pro from my High School. My network administrator said I could have the case (since he is selling/giving away a lot of stuff), but not the motherboard, hard drives, or any of the cards on the motherboard. I have removed all other parts that I was left with (the hot swappable bays and their cages, PSU, PSU PCB for motherboard, cables...), aside from the CD drive, floppy drive, and several 120mm fans :)D).

    I don't currently have a picture available of one of these, but Google it if you want to see it. This case is a monster. It weighs a whole lot, even with all the components out. I could mod this thing into a dual processor monster with water cooling (seems a bit too excessive for my tastes and needs) and restructure sections of the case with aluminum (to reduce the weight). Should I just try to sell all the other parts on eBay/someplace else? Is anyone here interested in the case (in the USA) or any of the other parts?

    Maybe I'll have a picture later...

    EDIT: I have a picture... Sorry for stealing bandwidth...


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  2. funkymunky

    funkymunky Guest

    oooooo thats big.. me thinks you should do a sort of case theme.. maybe something like dragons and have some kind of design cut out from the whole case... water cool it... or go for something different?? could try something like silicon cooling... i looked at it a while ago.. 3M (the people who make tape and stuff) have there own formular which has a low freezing point and stays cool, but doesnt conduct electricity.. so u can submerge a whole motherboard and cpu into it :rock:

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