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Windows I hope this continues... PC - 360 sync

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cyrilthefish, 3 Nov 2008.

  1. cyrilthefish

    cyrilthefish New Member

    15 Apr 2004
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    Wow, i'm very amazed, i saw fallout3 and brought it on steam (not because i can play it at the time (have fable2 to play), but i could buy it, set it downloading and play whenever i get round to it...

    I would have brought it first if it wasn't for fable2! hehe!

    I finally got round to trying it just now... OMG to my complete surprise it's 100% xbox-live enabled o_O

    It's usually a toss-up of xbox360 crappy graphics+live or vice-versa, in this game i get the good parts of xbox-live and the superior specs of a gaming PC... a win-win scenario... frankly i'm amazed, wasn't expecting that at all... I''m very impressed

    Is this going to happen with more games? i really hope so :eeek:
  2. heir flick

    heir flick Active Member

    2 Feb 2007
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    james bond quantum of solace and gears of war are multiplayer through live, now its free for the pc i gave it a go, gears not bad but i tried james bond only a couple of hours after it was released and could not find anyone to play against so ahve to wait for some more people to buy it !
  3. Fod

    Fod what is the cheesecake?

    26 Aug 2004
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    yeah, they tried charging for games for windows live, but it didn't catch on, so they made it free :p
  4. slugs

    slugs Member

    4 Dec 2001
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    i quite like games for windows now. it was a pain on gears of war and halo.

    but for playing multiplayer its much easier than trying to find a server etc.

    ive been using it on flatout carnage.

    and like the fact there's acheivements on fallout3

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