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I think, therefore IM

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by :: kna ::, 8 Mar 2004.

  1. jezmck

    jezmck Well-Known Member

    25 Sep 2003
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    nice article kna.
    you talk about not being able to escape from communication, and it's true that many people find it difficult to just ignore the phone, turn off the mobile etc.
    I'd really like to see a version of the selective invisibility you can have with MSN etc - i.e. only certain people can see that you're available.
    this kinda brings me onto my worries about mobile-IM spam - it's bound to happen, unless the country/planet makes the neccessary effort to prevent it in both legal and physical terms.
  2. sebbagoe

    sebbagoe New Member

    2 Jun 2004
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    good column!
    On- and offline communication is one of my favorite topics to talk about.

    You wrote about the "easy communication", that it's easier to start talkin online to a person than offline. (the smalltalk thing)
    Sure it is. But here in Germany, I dunno if it is like the same in GB, many kids are in chatrooms a lot. They sitting in front of there computer many hours a day. They say thereself, that its easier to say things online.
    I think the bad thing is, that they forget how to communicate offline. In further generation kids might not start smalltalks or other offline communication. They might abscond thereself in there "online world".
    I can see things like this at our school. We have an internet cafe and in the breaks, even in the 5min breaks, kids run down there and chat. So they don't really speak with other students in the breaks.
    I'm anxious how this will evolve in the future.

    There are also people who are completly different on and offline. For example they are really shy offline, but only they tell you their deepest feelings.

    Wouldn it be easy if everybodys "communication style" would be the same on- and offline? When you don't need smalltalks online, why do you need them offline?

    What do you think?
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