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Build Advice i7 uATX SLI Gaming Rig Advice (Poll and WC Questions Added)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by shomann, 5 Feb 2009.


Which is best for video encoding and gaming (SFF, price/performance)?

Poll closed 2 Mar 2009.
  1. i7 920 @ 4GHz (requires water)

    16 vote(s)
  2. Q9550 @ 3.4-3.6GHz (on air)

    3 vote(s)
  1. Denis_iii

    Denis_iii New Member

    1 Jan 2007
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    why not asus rampage II gene?
    reviews I've read are all WOW, best X58 board bar non, best OC to
    whereas DFI x58 Jnr got inbetween reviews
    and to the pics of the SFF build above....OMG WOW WTF I want one!
  2. Fod

    Fod what is the cheesecake?

    26 Aug 2004
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  3. shomann

    shomann New Member

    5 Sep 2003
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    Yes. I do believe one site got 4.3GHz from a i7 920 with one. I am waiting for it to become available here in the US. I am not rushing the build-up and in fact have somewhat changed gears in that I am looking to build a custom case at this point.

    I think the next best option (rather than building your own case) at this point, is to get a QMicra2. craigbru has a build going on one that will eventually accomplish the same goals I have listed here - i7, gaming, watercooling.

    Like I mentioned, I am very new to watercooling (read: not even born yet). That said, every place I have asked this question or seen a review or test platform says that an i7/high-end gaming setup needs a 360mm rad at a minimum. I think that while on paper a single 240mm rad can dissipate that much heat, in a practical sense it won't. I mean, if you have to have your fans on full blast all the time for proper cooling, that doesn't make for a very pleasant computing experience, does it?

    Also, you have linked to a 50+mm thick radiator. The type used in the AQNFX build above is a slimmer design - somewhere around 30mm.
  4. McGrego

    McGrego New Member

    21 Jun 2008
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    dude patience is the name of the game ..:D if you can wait get that rampage ii gene... that thing is the bomb!... about me? i coudnt wait and ended ordering a giga x58 ud3r , but i googled everyday that board since i read that it was coming i really like that r ii gene and it overclocks like hell :cooldude:

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