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Modding Ideas for my v2000B

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Jbroad572, 13 Oct 2004.

  1. Jbroad572

    Jbroad572 What's a Dremel?

    22 Sep 2004
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    My case will be here tomorrow and I am hoping to start modding Thur. and Fri.
    I will have a window and am thinking about this design: [​IMG]
    I might even have the lines follow the shape of the divider line.
    I also thought along the bottom having 2 dividers to seperate the bottom into 3 sections and maybe having a different color light in each. My pump will be along the bottom, and might even put my heater core down there. (What do you think about that one?)

    I will be making a big cut on the top of the case for a quad 120mm fan grill, I am in the process of getting some esitmates on. I'm hoping it will look like the Evo 120.3 grill, except for 4 fans, which will be home to my dual heater core and 2 other fans.

    This case will be water cooled as, I already have the parts :).

    I have not decided on the color scheme yet. I've ordered dual kits in white, blue, and uv, becuase I don't know what I want to do. I ordered 3 120mm fan (2 White and 1 blue). I have the DFI Lanparty mobo, which is black and yellow and yellow ide cables.
    I was thinking of going with a blue/yellow look, black/yellow?? Not sure. I will order my sleeving once I figure out the colors I will go with.

    Any ideas/suggeestions? I am considering any and everything.
  2. ChromeX

    ChromeX Minimodder

    12 Aug 2004
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    My suggestion is to keep with 2 or maybe 3 colours (if they suit) at a max at anytime. Stick with the black theme my suggestion would be to use blue chrome and black as i dont think blue/yellow with a black alu case would work but hey thats just my personal opinion. Black and yellow could work maybe as a danger theme actually... yeah go with the danger theme I think that would look good.

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