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I'm an Online Gaming Cheat (Column)

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by WilHarris, 4 May 2004.

  1. sheardjr

    sheardjr Minimodder

    7 May 2003
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  2. Shepps

    Shepps Slacking off since 1986..

    5 May 2002
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    the paranoia on cs it what ruins the game for many. You cant have skills anymore, its just hacks. If your not in SK or 4k or what ever, and you are pretty good your obviously a hacker.. Thats what many seem to think anyway..
  3. sarah_t_s

    sarah_t_s What's a Dremel?

    20 Feb 2004
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    nteresting article well written.

    I can see the side of the cheater in question... however both general dishonesty and cheating in general are rife throughout on-line gaming be it FPS or MMORPGs .
    On going to focus on MMORPGs for a momment and the one I used to play a lot of "Ragnarok On-line"; it's a reasonably simple treadmill RPG and for a while it was really enjoyable. Then out of nowhere come all these well, idiots. Looting your rewards, stealing your kills, running `bots to level themselves 24x7 or using patchs/hacks to circumvent game world physics (mages normally can't move whilst casting, casting delays, etc.)... when you ask these people why they're behaving so anti-socially in what is a social game it's inevitablly a response in l337 that when translated and sanitised would be "stupid noob, this is how you play the game, shut up no talking".
    I mean to play this game costs me money both in terms of electricity and DSL charges along with the subscription to the game.

    Back on to FPS's, I used to play UT and picked up UT2k4. A week after it's release I join a public server (silly Sarah) for an enjoyable session of blood letting. Nope. People camping the spawn areas, so I tried an Instagib match; not my favorite play style but. Hmmm... that guys stats are weird, lots of kills no deaths ahh he's speaking leet and screaming insults at us over voicechat, sounds like a 13 year old; wonderful 2K4 has aimbot's.
    So that's £40 wasted as Gamestation won't take it back (might have copied it, fair enough) because if one punks got it, you can bet the servers are riddled with it and I just can not compete against automation as whilst I enjoy FPS's I'm not especially good at them but have no objection to being next to 2$toned2s00t in the rankinsg.

    The problem is as I see it; that we tend to approach combat situations in games with honour: "May the best man/woman/team win" and see it as a test of our abilities. We'd like to be on top of the leader board (or have the best equipment/stats) but it's not essential to us enjoying the competative aspects. These people simply MUST win by any means necessary; if doing so spoils the enjoyment of other well their all n00bie f4gs. It is a shame that if they ever get the courage up to go to a LAN meet they don't cheat then, I'm sure people throwing their box out the door followed by them would prove to be most entertaining.
  4. macroman

    macroman The One

    3 Sep 2001
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    This is the second great article of yours I have read in the last few weeks. ;)
  5. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    Yea. Ironically being called a cheat now is considered praise by some (who are actually just good and not cheating).

    Sarah - i agree about the Lans: cause you can go over an pummel the guy who's acting like a nob :thumb: Public servers contain the most vile sort of creatures ever created: 13yr old AOL script kiddies. I can wholey sympathise and prefer to play only with friends but its a case of always getting everyone together and creating a server with enough speed for everyone.
    I spose MMOPGs are easier to spot cheats than FPS games although ive never played MMOPGs cause i dont want to ever pay for server access.
  6. Dr_kazza

    Dr_kazza What's a Dremel?

    2 Nov 2001
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    a well written piece.

    As for understanding his position and "ethical cheating"... well frankly, grow up.

    How do you expect your skills to ever improve if you're never tested?
    OOOH this is a little hard... can mummy make it easier for me?

    I have come to realise that I'm now outclassed in TFC and the novelty wore off, i now play other computer games... that is the natural progression of a game. Games get old and people move on... Camperstroke is now the best part of 6+ years old... that has to be a record for any popular computer game, but to advocate cheating because it is a little difficult is another symptom of an overnannied-ADHD sufferer.

    If you never make an effort to do anything in life, don't be surprised when I don't make an effort to show you any respect.
  7. dicA[t0gym]

    dicA[t0gym] Banned

    10 May 2004
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    ke ke ke ^_^
  8. Jim_Mcneat

    Jim_Mcneat What's a Dremel?

    20 Jan 2004
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    Cheating in order to make yourself better is simply wrong, and I would never do it. However, cheating for the sole purpose of screwing around is different. I've done that alot - rarely in online games, mostly in single player, but occasionally I do. However, it is obvious when I do something like that - i'm not playing, i'm running around as stupidly as I can in tiny circles and throwing grenades straight up in the air, trying to hit myself in the nose with a mine, etc. But to screw around online, you don't have to cheat, and that's why I love UT2k4. You can spend hours just fooling around, getting nothing accomplished, and sometimes, end up near the top of your team scores. :D

    However, I nonetheless despise people who cheat to get ahead or make themselves better, or worse, are proud of cheating, and it's just another reason for me to avoid online play (The other being my crappy DSL line). I usually play LAN or with friends for that very reason.

    Very good article, however. That viewpoint has a lot of truth in it.
  9. Guest-2808

    Guest-2808 Guest

    I think part of the reason people cheat is because some online games can be so hard to get into these days.

    Take Medal Of Honour for example. When Allied Assult first came out, a lot of servers just ran the standard team deathmatch. Standard maps, standard guns, standard health. Newbies could join a game, grab a shotgun or bazooka and get a few kills. Sure, they were mildly irritating to some people, but you soon got used to taking them down and I personally saw it as part of the challenge.

    Now, just about every server runs a realism mod which puts your health limit right down. Most ban the shotgun and bazooka too. Suddenly, for a new player, the game is reduced to respawning and being almost instantly killed from long range by someone with a machine gun. Even for the long time players, it's more about who gets to the trigger first than tactics or skill, since it only takes a few hits to kill.

    All that makes peopel want to cheat, just so they can live for more than ten seconds at a time and get some enjoyment from the game they shelled out for.

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