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A/V In need of new headphones

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SmilerAl, 2 Dec 2010.

  1. alexdcd

    alexdcd Laptop Specialist

    24 Feb 2006
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    Feedback on my white Klipsch image S4i,

    Amazing sound quality and they have Oval buds so seal in the ear much better, you cant hear anything anyone is saying.

    also i noticed they are more powerful/require less volume than most headphones, and the controls work flawlessly.

    Only bad point - is proprietary connector wont work with pc because of extra pin for mic/controls!

    Now i've just got to educate people on the fact that they are a known brand!
  2. djzic

    djzic Bokehlicious!

    8 Nov 2010
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    I have these as well, they are awesome, almost as much bass as my 5.1's(!)
  3. Rofl_Waffle

    Rofl_Waffle What's a Dremel?

    24 Mar 2010
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    I highly recommend Comply foam eartips. You can order them online for almost any in ear headphone. They have such amazing sound isolation you wont be able to hear anything with them on.

    I personally have the on my Ultimate Ears triplefi 10vi. The headphones cost an arm and a leg but they have excelent sound quality since it balances sound on 3 speakers for each ear. Its one of the few headphones that has removable cables making them virtually impossible to break.

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