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Disaster In this thread, I vent on the troubles my case has caused me

Discussion in 'Modding' started by disco volante, 29 Mar 2004.

  1. disco volante

    disco volante What's a Dremel?

    22 Sep 2002
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    I figured it would be fun to hone my painting skills on a case project. So, on a whim I started preparing a case. First I bonded over a lot of details on the bezel. This worked well, until the bondo started cracking. So I had to re-do that (after having fully primered and spot filled every square inch of it). As huge a hassle as that was, at least it was during the preparation phase, and any mistakes I made could be covered up. There were a lot of vents and stuff that I covered up, and when they were primered, they looked fine, but upon painting, I could see the slight outlines of where they were bondoed. So I had to trowel on some more bondo to fix that.

    Next I took on the painting. As luck would have it, I ran into more problems. The top section of the case had some deep scratches that I didn't notice, so I had to spot fill, reprime and paint again. Just for fun, I sanded up to 2000 grit and then polished with rubbing compound and polish. Of course, this screwed up the paint, totally destroying ability for subsequent coats to adhere. I had to sand and repaint. Around this time I started running out of the color I was using. Amazingly, Canadian tire had stopped stocking the color I was using. I found a close enough match however.

    After that, I started work on the flames. Of course, using electrical tape (section into 1/4" slivers) was not a great substitute for expensive plastic tape, and I ran into some problems with edge bleeding and adhesive transfer. After removing the tape, I noticed that there was some odd discoloration around where the tape used to be. I figured I could clean it off with some alcohol. Of course, this screwed up the color of the flames and made some odd splotchy patterns. This is the most distressing, because even though I slayed all of the preparation demons, this is one fault that WILL be noticeable on the finished product. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I'm going to have a hard time dealing with this case when it's done.

    Hopefully the gloss of the clearcoat would help hide all the mistakes, but in reality it'll just magnify them.

    I'm really starting to hate case modding :duh:
  2. Anator

    Anator What's a Dremel?

    26 Feb 2004
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    Id rather stick with a semi-beige box than go through all that hassle :thumb:

    I wouldnt worry about it that much tho, you could even wreck it more so its a total ghetto case :rock:

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