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Hardware In Win 509 Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Dogbert666, 13 Sep 2016.

  1. Dogbert666

    Dogbert666 *Fewer Lover of bit-tech Administrator

    17 Jan 2010
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  2. SinxarKnights

    SinxarKnights Minimodder

    21 Jan 2007
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    What makes this worth nearly double the cost of a Define R5, or for water cooling, the Define S?

    Sure it looks OK. Wish it didn't have that 5.25 bay though. Guess people still need em apparently. I can't remember the last time I handled a disc. At least with a door design it isn't visible.

    How loud is it with fans? I get it is an enthusiast case and the buyer would fill it with their own... but really? None? IMO for that price it should have every spot filled.
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