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Inno3D introduces i-Chill series cards with passive cooling

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Tim S, 5 Mar 2007.

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    8 Nov 2001
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    Hong Kong 5th March, 2007 – Inno3D® i-Chill series are excited to introduce noiseless passive cooling solutions with Arctic Cooling Accelero S2M (2pipes) for mainstream, and S1M (4pipes) for high-end NVIDIA® 7 series graphics cards design. It effectively helps remove heat from the graphics card and silently keeps all the components cool.


    The Accelero S2M & S1M features a copper base and heatpipes that extend directly from the GPU centre to provide the ultimate heat conductivity and larger surface area. Heat from the GPU can rapidly reach through the Aluminium fins that extend beyond the height of the graphics card. The Aluminium fins are specially designed to allow air fl ow pass through easily and remove heat efficiently.


    As shown in the graph above the Accelero S2M & S1M truly outperforms the standard passive cooling solutions in the market, creating a true industrial zero noise solutions and constant game play to all enthusiast gamers. It is assembled with 22 Aluminium fins which increase the surface area by 100% more than the standard cooler and each fi n width at 3mm that is ideal for passive heat transfer.

    The AC Accelero S2M & S1M heatpipe design is highly efficient for heat transfer and is filled with liquid material that vaporizes the heat from one side of the pipes to the other. The vaporized liquid is then cooled and liquidated again. (Refer to the below diagram)


    For soundless gaming answers i-Chill Accelero S2M & S1M is now built with zero dB passive cooling solutions and ready for double the performance with SLI technology. For more information please visit www.inno3d.com

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