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A/V Inspire T5900 5.1 good?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TheCleaner, 18 Jan 2005.

  1. TheCleaner

    TheCleaner Back again...

    5 Jul 2004
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    i currently have creative SBS560 5.1.. which is pretty much bottom of the barrel surround sound.. im rma'ing it as i get some strange sounds from my sub, when audio is not being input.

    the T5900

    im going to just get a refund, and ive decided to up from £40 of the SBS650 to £60, and they seem to be the best 5.1 for the price.. they fulfil everything i want from speakers, even more.. such as tweeters, line in on the remote, and mic jack

    just wondering if anyone on here has them too? and if they are any good.. they are the best model inspire's for 5.1.. they seem great, and are just under £60 at ebuyer and overclockers

    i am using the nvidia soundstorm on my NF7-S, which is a good APU, alot of people compare it to an audigy 2
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  2. |I.H|

    |I.H| New Member

    4 Dec 2004
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    dont bother with the T5900, i used to have them and gave them back after playing with them for 2 hours. For that price range, the logitech x-530 is the best. I am using them right now. Trust me, go with the logitech x-530 and you wont regret ur desicion.

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