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Motors insureing 2 cars question?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cool Chip, 7 Aug 2003.

  1. Cool Chip

    Cool Chip New Member

    26 Jun 2002
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    just thought of an idea but how fesable it is i don't know.

    ok im on my moms insurance atm till im earning more or am over the £ slap age

    but wot if i bought a car something really really bad maybe it don't even run, eg a fiat 500 , 2CV old rust buckets liek that.

    question is can i insure it and just leave it 2 rot while building up my no claims.

    or will the incurance company relaise what im doing and wack a high price on it makeing not worth my while?

    do i have a plan ? :naughty:
  2. yodasarmpit

    yodasarmpit No longer the other Brett.

    27 May 2002
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    Sound like a plan, but it all depends on how much it will cost vs how much you will save on no claims.

    Even if its off the road dont you have to put road tax on it as well now (which would require an MOT certificate)
  3. NuTech

    NuTech Well-Known Member

    18 Mar 2002
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    I think the sacrificial car will need to pass it's MOT. Maybe Road Tax too.

    Also, regardless of how old/crap it is, if you're young (<25), the premiums are still going to be high.

    I remember thinking of a similar idea a while back, but the numbers just didn't work. The amount I would have pay was not worth the NCB's. However, a lot of this was to do with the crime rate in my area. :sigh:
  4. micb

    micb Active Member

    4 Sep 2002
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    To get past expencive age then you need to be 25+ even then with no NCD insurance can be a killer.

    I would say the best idea is not to be put on anyones insurance, drive safe and just build up NCD.

    Im 22 and have 3 years NCD, insurance is fine for me now.
  5. -Rx-

    -Rx- New Member

    18 Dec 2002
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    Iam 22 with 4 years NCB as of 20th of this month.... renewal quote has just gone down £200 to ~£500.

    Its worth getting your own policy straight away if poss and building your NCB. Something to be aware of, IIRC some car insurers will take a NCB from insurance on a 'ped/motorbike.

    BTW, if the insurer found out what you were upto, they would invalidate ur insurance, probs not worth the extra risk/cost.

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