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News Intel announces Atom-based Joule 550x, 570x CoMs

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Gareth Halfacree, 17 Aug 2016.

  1. Gareth Halfacree

    Gareth Halfacree WIIGII! Lover of bit-tech Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    4 Dec 2007
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  2. Anfield

    Anfield Multimodder

    15 Jan 2010
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    Looks more like a DIY Gigabyte Brix than something that would end up in schools and whatever.
  3. schmidtbag

    schmidtbag What's a Dremel?

    30 Jul 2010
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    Holy crap Intel, you still don't get it, do you? Raspberry Pi didn't get popular because of GPIO, and it [the original] certainly wasn't all that fast. It was popular because it was small, cheap, power efficient, and had an immense community. When you make something that costs 10x more, focuses on features the vast majority of people couldn't care less about, and draws enough power to warrant a heatsink, you're not a competitor. That isn't to say Joule is bad, but the problem is it's trying to be something it never will be. I am sure this will be a flop; the only advantages of this platform vs an ARM equivalent is being x86 based and more RAM (of which ARM doesn't really need). I'd rather get a NUC, which at least is a more polished and dynamic platform. And sure, maybe Intel isn't targeting the Pi specifically, but the only alternative that seems to be a worse value is the Jetson TX1.

    The closest thing Intel came to understanding the ARM market was Bay Trail, and that was probably the worst platform Intel has ever made, where even Windows had trouble working with it.

    Intel could effortlessly crush ARM if they really wanted to, but they seem to completely lose sight of what makes ARM so good and popular.

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