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News Intel confirms: no discrete graphics plans

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 26 May 2010.

  1. CardJoe

    CardJoe Freelance Journalist

    3 Apr 2007
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  2. iwod

    iwod What's a Dremel?

    22 Jul 2007
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    In a Perfect World, the GPU should only be using few W when i am browsing and idle. And scale up to 100+W when i am gaming. But of coz, we know unless there is some major transistor tech breakthrough, this is not going to happen in the next 5 + years.

    So back to an ideal world, The IGP should be VERY low power, with superior 2D Rendering performance, Programmable DSP that allows Many if not all of the FFmpeg codec gets hardware acceleration. 3D Performance that is focused on UI, Effect workload, Browser canvas and other Vector acceleration. With final consideration for anything gaming related.

    As it currently stand, the IGP size is fairly large that provide performance we dont need 90% of the time. And when we do need performance it is not capable anyway. So why waste transistors on it? Intel could give us a Extra Core or L2 cache was CPU performance.

    I see Optimus as the future. At least in near term.

    And final Notes. The worst thing about Intel HD is not the Hardware itself. Is the fact Drivers for Intel HD is poor, slow to update, and the main causes for poor gaming performance. Nvidia has more Software Enginerr then Hardware for their Drivers. It just shows GPU and CPU are completely different beast.
  3. rickysio

    rickysio N900 | HJE900

    6 Jun 2009
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    Intel doesn't want to give you anything.

    They want you to buy.
  4. greigaitken

    greigaitken Minimodder

    26 Aug 2009
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    they did make a few last year though (albeit slow). The ones they did manage to make will surely be super collectors items now.
  5. HourBeforeDawn

    HourBeforeDawn a.k.a KazeModz

    26 Oct 2006
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    Im 50/50 about this, I think more comp would always be good but I dont know I think if Intel did do this nVidia be more on the losing side of the game then AMD, since AMD has their CPU and ATI for GPU, Intel would have well their CPU and then their GPU so nVidia could be left out in the cold unless they follow through with making their own CPU. Could be interesting then.
  6. enciem

    enciem Minimodder

    23 Sep 2009
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    Would have been awesome for the competition. Just having two companies making all the graphics cards isn't all that great for prices. While we're all waiting for price wars between the big two they're still laughing all the way to the bank. A little extra competition could drive innovation as well.
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