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News Intel pushes 65 nanometre process back, claim

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by GreatOldOne, 11 Nov 2004.

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    29 Jan 2002
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    The Inq reports on 'Strictly Come Processing', where AMD and Intel seem to be in step with one another:

    ANALYSTS AT In-Stat MDR are claiming that Intel has put its future 65 nanometre process technology on the back burner.

    In a note about a $2,500 report it's selling, the chip boys said it "quietly pushed out" manufacturing on 65 nanometre. Intel has publicly stated that it already has 65 nanometre process technology in test conditions, and next year was supposed to be the time when it started shrinking dies all over again.

    If this is true, then as sure is eggs is eggs, we'll find AMD deciding to push its 65 nanometre technology back as well. AMD and Intel dance down the same path and if we'd even a scintilla of sceptism in our bones, we'd be suspicious at the way this X86 virtual cartel appears to price and pace its products in step.

    More here
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    Intel have had 65nm SRAM cells for over a year iirc.
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