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News Intel unveils Centerton, Avoton Atom SoCs

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by brumgrunt, 21 Jun 2012.

  1. brumgrunt

    brumgrunt What's a Dremel?

    16 Dec 2011
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  2. jrs77

    jrs77 Modder

    17 Feb 2006
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    The race for more efficient low-power-solutions is very welcome here.
  3. azazel1024

    azazel1024 What's a Dremel?

    3 Jun 2010
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    I wonder if Avoton on 22nm is finally introducing architectual changes to Atom that Intel is promising. Things like true OoO processing, etc. IIRC Intel has been saying 2013 and the transition to 22nm Atom is when Atom is getting a full architectual rework.

    I'd be interested to see that. That said, I can't complain about recent low power Intel stuff. Sure, 8.95w is under load, but my current SB Celeron file server at home, with a micro ATX H75 Board and 4GB of 1.35v DDR3 memory, Intel PCI-e GBE NIC, an SSD boot drive and pair of spinning disks draws all of 17.5w at long idle with the disks spun down and only 21w when steaming a single 720p stream. Under heavy load with all of the disks spun up it draws only a bit over 50w. Old Semron 140 micro ATX server w/ 2GB of DDR3, which was replaced by the SB Celeron server, drew 39w from the wall at long idle and 45w when streaming a 720p stream (about 60w when heavily loaded, and at best half the computational power of this sandy bridge celeron machine).

    I'll take every bit of power savings I can though, supposing processing power has advanced enough to give me at least half of what my SB celeron server setup has, at signficantly less power draw. That would make a good always on file server and content server if system power draw (not including drives) could be something south of 10w at idle.
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