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Features Interview: Eric Yockey on the PC Classic

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by bit-tech, 16 Jan 2019.

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    They seems to be approaching this pragmatically as a service oriented device and in dealing with the tangled web of IP, but the use of an underpowered ARM system to emulate a series of highly esoteric x86 systems (the weirder the architecture, the more effort must be expended for accuracy of simulation, and older games are very likely to take advantage of timing quirks to eke out every drop of performance) is going to signification curtail its appeal over Retroarch + a RaspberyPi, a setup that can already be found as a 'ready to roll' RasPi + case + pre-flashed SD card "just add roms" solution. I suspect most of the market for nostalgic DOS gaming is going to have already been served with similar but more flexible DIY solutions (or higher powered PC emulation with all the bells and CRT-shader postprocessing whistles), unlike console nostalgia.
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