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Other iPad

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Miffers, 28 May 2010.

  1. MSHunter

    MSHunter Minimodder

    24 Apr 2009
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    I just wish there was an ITouch XXL like 7" with ION IGP, so I could use flash on WiFi and watch movies while travelling something with 12 plus video hours.
  2. GMX09

    GMX09 Frequent Tweaker

    30 May 2010
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    Can't say I'm the biggest Apple fan. I despise the fact that a massive premium is put on every single one of their products in the name of the logo. Not to mention what I hate even more is that people persist to buy this crap when better products are hidden out of sight.
  3. M7ck

    M7ck Ⓜod Ⓜaster

    28 Mar 2009
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    And what is the better product in this case?
  4. javaman

    javaman May irritate Eyes

    10 May 2009
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    I would normally agree with this but not in this case. There is no other OS designed as well for mobile devices than apples. The N900 had a good OS IMO but apple's had theirs for years now. I don't want to hold my breath for a win 7 device unless microsoft design a proper mobile OS and that leaves google's OS. I love the idea of cloud computing but they need a company to design a decent piece of hardware to run it on. Apple have "a"/the complete package with hardware and software and ATM there is no competition. In my eyes the ipad isn't perfect nor complete. I would wait a few generations before buying one (when they integrate a phone into it and conference calling lol) and at the price probably be a second hand one. I just hope that other companies stop with these "frankinstein" devices and actually think things through. Win 7 is a great OS but it isn't suited to the mobile sector and i doubt intel's atom is either. People want great battery life and speed but in balance and I feel apple have managed this.

    Im starting to come round to the ipad but compared to iphones it does seem pointless and even then i prefer other devices out there. Unless it gets some of the features current iphones have I will avoid it. The main thing that interests me tho is video playback. Out of interest, whats video playback like on the ipad?

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