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News iPod fans report sound problems

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by GreatOldOne, 13 Apr 2004.

  1. GreatOldOne

    GreatOldOne Wannabe Martian

    29 Jan 2002
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    Also from Auntie this morning:

    Apple is looking into reports of sound problems with its popular iPod mini digital music player.

    According to online postings, some people have had trouble with the headphone jack, leading to screeching sounds and static.

    Apple said it was aware of "a few isolated reports", saying the device was covered by a one-year warranty.

    The credit card sized player, launched in the US in February, can store up to 1,000 songs and costs $249.

    Full details here

    Maybe the iPod mini being introduced over here isn't such a bad thing - if there is an issue with the headphone jack on them, hopefully this will have been ironed out before they ship.

    Mind you, I wonder what music the people that have reported the problem were listening too at the time. Maybe the mini was commenting on their musical tastes? :p :D
  2. pr3zlen4

    pr3zlen4 What's a Dremel?

    27 Jan 2004
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    I'd consider buying one of those for a friend if it comented on musical taste. :D
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