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Gaming Is PC gaming dying?

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Sifter3000, 1 Sep 2009.

  1. CardJoe

    CardJoe Freelance Journalist

    3 Apr 2007
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    Pretty much. After all, as the conclusion obviously implies, PC gaming obviously isn't dying - but it IS changing and evolving. That's a provable point of view expressed across through the entire article, though Dreamhunk obviously failed to pick up on it.

    + Rep to you.

    And...ugh. Zeitgeist? Really? You want to believe that trash?
  2. AstralWanderer

    AstralWanderer New Member

    17 Apr 2009
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    I'd agree with the point made here since "offensive" DRM has greatly reduced the number of PC games purchases I make.

    A few years back, I would happily wander into a store and pick up any game that took my fancy, safe in the knowledge that I could visit a site like GameCopyWorld to deal with irritating CD checks.

    Then along came StarForce and I could no longer assume that fixes would be available. That meant having to check on games before purchase, killing off any impulse buys and (largely) removing the point of visiting games stores - if you're going to look up a game online, why not purchase it there also? I only purchased one more game from a store as a result.

    Now, I have to check the details of any game for DRM details beforehand (gaming review sites and magazines almost all neglect this - why?). There's a long list of games that I would have purchased, but for their online activation requirement (Bioshock, Crysis Warhead, Empire Total War, Neverwinter Nights premium modules, Mass Effect, recent Stardock products, etc) so instead, I have been checking out smaller DRM-free developers like Shrapnel, Spiderweb (only with CDs) or Basilisk. I was also going to boycott Dragon Age until Bioware/EA changed their minds on the activation.

    From my perspective, I'd welcome seeing companies that punish their consumers going bust. It would clear the field for those who understand that custom is a privilege, not a right.
  3. YorkshireBloke

    YorkshireBloke New Member

    6 Dec 2009
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    Hi all, my first post on the forum. PC game is currently dying. But not for long.
    I'm 38 and still love computer games. I started in 1980 on a vic 20, then a C64, then Atari ST, then Super Nintendo, then Amiga, then 3DO, then Playstation, then PC, then PSP and Playstation 3.

    The best moments of video gaming have been (by far) on the PC.

    Two reasons....

    1) the control system...the mouse and keyboard....
    2) the best resolution

    I went into HMW yesterday, and was dismayed at the (small) amount of space for PC games. PC world (yuk!) has almost given up selling PCs!!

    Everyones buying Wii's and Laptops. Their PC's are gathering dust under their desks. BUT.....the consoles will quickly date, the laptops will soon become redundant and slow.

    Bring on halflife 3.
  4. Warrior24_7

    Warrior24_7 New Member

    24 Apr 2009
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    It's dying. Anybody that is paying attention and not living a fanboy day dream can OBVIOUSLY see that the PC market IS NOT growing, but shrinking and changing! Unless there is a change in the PC market, then the trend will continue as the new "next gen" consoles come to market. Look at the current top 20 PC games list, how many "Sims" games and console ports are there? How old is WoW now? It is dominated by Sims, MMO, and RTS games...thats it!! Anybody who thinks the consoles will "quickly date" is a fool living in la la land! The 360 is 5 yrs old and the PS2 is 10 yrs old and they're "STILL" making games for it! As the demand for mobility continues to grow, laptops will outpace desktops. Anybody who can't see the PC market for what it is right now and walks into a game store, and notices there are a very small amount of PC games (as is often the case) and notices a "PC" store that has "given up" selling PCs, then OBIVIOUSLY you're on the wrong side of reality.
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