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Cooling is using two 120 mm radiators (seperate) a good idea ???

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by M0RPH3US, 4 Dec 2004.

  1. M0RPH3US

    M0RPH3US What's a Dremel?

    20 Aug 2004
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    i'm thinking up this new case mod project, and i was thinking of using a 120mm radiator on the left and right side of the case ...

    will this be heavy duty for the pump or wont it have that big of an affect as opposed to a dual 120mm rad (one block ..)

    also .. whats best for rad fans .. to blow onto the rad or suck the airi out of the rad ... ?? one on each side could do to .. ( ------->suckingfan--rad--blowingfan-------> ) blowing into the case ...

    help me out here ;)
  2. Mimic

    Mimic What's a Dremel?

    19 Jul 2004
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    it depends on what pump you have really, i use 2 seperate rads at the moment and was thinking of a 3rd. if you have something like a dangerden d4 it will be no problem.

    as for the fan thing, depends on much how noise you want compared to cooling, also fans have blank spots so you need a fanmount/shim, they sell them at coolercases uk. this way fans suck air more effectively. i prefer pulling air through the radiator rather than blowing/pushing.

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