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Networks isn't it that CRS1 is the biggest router available???

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ismahill, 7 May 2009.

  1. ismahill

    ismahill New Member

    7 May 2009
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    just got the news about Japan's 1Gbps symetric connection offer by KDDI..

    isn't it that Cisco's CRS1 is the biggest router available correntlly at the core routers market at speeds up to 92Tbps Half Duplex??
    so if they can connect about 46000 customers for one of these routers, what is giving bandwisth for this router?
    how exactly this sort of connection could be at all implemented and how large is the infrastructure to these demands?
    if anyone can spread some light at this,
    it's almost impossible finding it on the net.
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  2. joe-amnesiac

    joe-amnesiac CPC emigrant

    23 Apr 2009
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    Fibre optics and lots of it. Japan has the advantage like Germany, of having their infrastructure bombed into the ground by the Americans. This is how they have such good connections because the cabling is newer than the 200 year old b*ll*cks we have to use in the UK. What we need is a good old fashioned war. Or an EMP strike, you can't tell I work for an arms company can you?:dremel:

    Sorry I can't shed any light on the problem, just a little background.

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  3. ismahill

    ismahill New Member

    7 May 2009
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    thanks for the effort anyhow,though,
    we don't need anymore wars! :lol:,
    it seems that KDDI has a vision, of spreading internet all around to weaker countries as well,
    they support infrastructure for china, europe,U.K the U.S.A and, starting to get inside Russia.
    when this will happen, all internet infrastructure will have to cope with that,
    servers cables DSLAM's and on and on, in order to be able to keep up and fanction with uprising demands and speeds!!
    that will eventually what will (don't know how it's called, when something happens and force any depended connection with it to cope with it, it's a sort of "evolutionary reaction..") bring us all, a better connection prices etc.

    after looking aroud for a little bit, it seems that KDDI and other backbones are interconnected as if they share they're connection with one another, if u go to robtex and take a look at they're AS graph, u can find, they're interconnected with many different comunication levels which might provide them with bandwidth and vice versa.
    if u go from there to the other backbones, u'll find out, there doesn't seems to be any beggining, they're all together in this, with companies from all around the world..
    some companies are sharing they're connection while other seems to only get connection from bigger suppliers (it's called (think) 1 tier ISP)..
    it doesn't solve the issue, but gives a slightly more penetrative info about it..
    topic solved,
    watch IXP wiki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Internet_exchange_points_by_size
    AMS-IX amsterdam exchange point
    p.s- bout the bombing u mentioned, it doesn't seem so, POTS has been here for era and last bombing occured during ww2 so, it's like 60+ years since then,
    the infrastructure in Japan is based upon fibers so they had to dig out the old POTS anyways,
    KDDI, is a union between 3 corporation, IDO,KDD and one more, while KDD, is the one that is creating those fiber lines, for earthly management and undersea also.
    they got some 3000 islands in they're archipelago and running a private ship for maintaining the network,
    in Germany, it might be possible though there has been a long time since the war and bombs don't fall out of the sky so accuratlly..:lol:,
    anyway, in the balkan area, there are also some ISP's delivering such 1Gbps bandwidth..
    go google some more bro..:lol:
    good luck ;)!
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