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Other Its time for some home theater, but...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Lord-Vale3, 31 Aug 2011.

  1. Lord-Vale3

    Lord-Vale3 His Tremendousness

    1 Dec 2009
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    So, I'm wanting to start taking home theater seriously. Starting out, I just want to get a start-up setup that costs ~$4000.

    Looking at stuff, I've got a basic idea of what I should maybe buy, but I have a few questions. Such as:

    What is important when buying speaker wire? Is there anything to really consider?

    How should I position the viewing spot in consideration to screen size?

    And of course, if anybody could give me advice on the hardware I'm looking at, to see if its all great or if its rubbish or if I could do better with the budget.

    First off, projector: I can get a Sony VPL-HW15 for $1800 as it was used as a display in a store. Slightly handled but should work pretty much as new.

    Everything else would be coming off of newegg.

    The upgrade to Blu-Ray would simply be a PS3. Get Blu-ray and a console.

    Reciever - its on an awesome sale at Newegg
    Right and Left Speakers
    Center Channel
    All four surrounds
    The first step towards everything being Klipsch, the sub

    What do you guys think, I'm noob at this, very open to suggestions.

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